Jamaica Is a Country Rich in Culture and History

Nancy B. Alston

Jamaica – the wonderland of the Caribbean

The name Jamaica rings a unique tone to the ears of those listening, the land of wood, water, sugar and rum. The island of Jamaica has a colorful history, one that is filled with sorrow and joy. From the slave ships of Africa to an independent state, Jamaica has come a far way in shaping her destiny. So what is it that makes Jamaica such an alluring and intriguing place for millions of persons around the world?

Jamaica is considered by many to be one of if not the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. Located smack in the middle of the equator summer never really ends. All year round the wonderful sun warms the white sandy beaches making it the perfect hang out spot for those who are leaving the frigid north. There is a popular saying in Jamaica “no problem man”, this is indeed true as most who visit the island are captivated by the easy going mentality of most of the islands inhabitants.

Jamaica in its past and present has produced some of the most recognized sounds in music that are still with us today. Artists such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh, Burning Spears among other have been credited with creating the musical sound reggae that has captivated the entire world. They have also been credited with bringing Rastafari and its culture to millions of persons around the world. The music itself has changed somewhat however its influence can still be felt across the globe as many artists still continue to preach the one love mantra that was left by the legend Bob Marley.

Most visitors are simply taken away to ecstasy when they taste the food. Flavours so diverse and exotic they cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. The next time you visit why not try some local rum-aide with jerk pork or a slice of potato pone. Get lost in the local rum, wine and food. If you’re not scared of spice then Jamaica is the only place to offer some of the hottest peppers found in the world.

Many lovers have said that Jamaica is the most romantic place. When they visit they are brought to a fairy tale world where all their desires are met and exceeded most that come never want to leave and many have not left. Those who have gone are constantly called back to once more experience the unforgettable memory that is Jamaica.

Finally what makes Jamaica such a wonderland of the Caribbean? The people: when you visit Jamaica you will see why the motto says “out of many one people”. Jamaica has a racially diverse group of people who create the experience that is Jamaica from its music, to its food. It’s the people who create the magical experience that so many have come to love. The next time you are considering a vacation why not book a tip to the Island in the sun you will be completely glad you did.

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