Humanism And Idealism

Nancy B. Alston

Humanism and individualism are inter related
Both are weighed and truly equated
It has found precious terms with individual
It can not be termed as casual

It leaves enough of fragrance
Once developed at once
How many ills are cured?
Above and all humanity is secured

So long the human has heart, the humanity will survive
All good steps will be taken and peace will be revived
Many individuals may be celebrated for individualism
Still there will be clear victory for humanism

We are like different seasons of the nature
Some good they intend to deliver for sure
All good for our survival and future growth
It is beneficial not for single side but for both

So the God has provided room for change
That comes in stages with emergence of age
As the spring bring some surprises in the environment
Individual too excel in personal life with noble movement

Many may be benefited from such awakening call
The poverty, pain sufferings may have down fall
Some good will be done to the welfare of people
This will enhance the individualism making him stable

The charity begins at home and must start at once
It must be realized and felt by all in everybody’s presence
When it is promoting cause at wider level
The individual has to deliver it to maximum and excel

No imposition of will work for satisfactory solution
Some one has to take lead and work with resolution
It is part of social drive to reap the harvest
No efforts will be let loose to deliver the best

The world as whole has suffered from the cruelty at hands
Friends have turned into foes and foes into friends
It is changing phase and brings disastrous results as whole
The individual has always come to the fore or show and stole

The evil forces have always remained active
They were dominant in some parts and very reactive
They will not allow rise of social awareness
They would want domination and prefer backwardness

It has been peace and tranquility that has clicked
So many unnecessary deaths and wound have licked
No one has cared to see the reason behind or nurtured
The cordial relation and harmony has remained fractured

Individualism has strengthened the move for socialism
It was very good idea mooted for adoption with idealism
Some of the individuals might have come forward and rendered service
After all it was great service required for and already promised

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