How To Discipline Security Guards

Nancy B. Alston

Managing security guards can be quite challenging. Fairly or unfairly, they are sometimes underpaid or not given proper respect and this can create conflict and resentment. No one likes to be disciplined and security officers are no exception. It is always good to follow the below suggestions when one is forced to discipline guards for misbehavior or misconduct:

1) First get their side of the story. It’s quite possible that there is an error in the facts. Before one takes any kind of disciplinary action they must have their facts straight. It’s possible, in other words, that when the officer share their view of what occurred you may change your mind about their wrongdoing.

2) Always have a witness. This is very important, especially if the misconduct or action taken by the guard is serious. First of all, you have no idea how the officer may react. It’s good to have a backup person who can recite what happened should things get out of control. Moreover, if the officer denies that the conversation ever took place or recounts that it went down in a different way, you have a verifiable witness who can attest to your side in terms of how the conversation transpired.

3) Always write down what happened. Recount the events or ‘misbehavior’ as accurately as possible. Have the officer sign any kind of disciplinary measure that you may take. If the officer refuses to sign then put that in your notes or, if you want, even in the form that the guards will sign. These forms vary in style and content. The form itself should express the word ‘warning’ on it somewhere.

4) Make sure the action you take against the officer is fair-minded and not excessive. There is an article written called Security Los Angeles which can be found online and details the right punishment, as it were, for common offenses.

5) Make sure Post Orders exist. For those that don’t know what Post Orders are, they are rules an regulations that exist at any given account for officers to follow. They are relevant so that the guards know what is expected from them. Each rule or regulation must be signed by every officer at the account.

The above is simply a short list of how to discipline officers. Always keep in mind their job is not an easy one. Try and have compassion and remember to first hear their side of the story. The officer may end up just admitting to the wrongdoing and practically be more willing to take the criticism.

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