How to Achieve Greatness in All Ramifications

Nancy B. Alston

Greatness can never be achieved by mere folding of hands or a lackadaisical approach to the things that are critical in your life. Achieving greatness involves a careful consideration of who you want to be and a tenacious grasp on the processes you need to follow and the habits you need to imbibe.

First, you need to define clearly what kind of greatness you want to achieve. It could be that you want to be a great man of God, a great footballer, a great motivational speaker, cook, teacher etc. Whichever it is, you have to set your foot to make up your mind on who you want to be and set out to achieve greatness.

Secondly, greatness is not achieved by a complacent attitude or laziness. You need to leave your comfort zone and be dogged to achieve greatness. You need to be ready to embrace physical pain, emotional pain, and neglect. These are the things that will seek to discourage you on your path to greatness. Unless you are dedicated to achieving greatness, you can never be prepared to sacrifice for it. Think about greatness all the time, remind yourself about it. Get obsessed! It will put you in the right frame of mind to achieve greatness.

Furthermore, you should develop yourself constantly in your area of defined expertise. You need put in hours of constant practice. Even the best athletes, artistes, motivational speakers, doctors etc. practice constantly. If you fail to practice often, you either lose touch or focus or you lose ground for another person that has been practicing to take your place.

Additionally, you need to be disciplined to achieve greatness. Responsibility is the price for greatness. You set out to achieve your goals not because you feel like but because you need to. You have to be responsible and disciplined to know what you need to do and set out to accomplish any task. You also need to schedule your time and plan your day every day. Just do what has to be done, this may not be happiness, but it is greatness.

Finally, there is need for you to evaluate your progress and know how much you have achieved with the effort you have put in so far. You also need to measure your progress to determine if you need to change your orchestration or the way you do things in order to achieve a better result. There will always be setbacks but your tenacity will eventually pay off. Humility and a heart of gratitude are necessary habits to imbibe on your to achieving greatness. You can be the best you can ever be. Just Believe.

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