Generational Curses and Ho’oponopono

Nancy B. Alston

Although many people are running around each day carrying family curses – let’s not lose sight of the fact that a lot of curses are self-imposed or self-inflicted. Without even realizing it, we also curse ourselves with the negative self-talk we internally say to ourselves each day, as well as, what family members or others say to us each day. We may think nothing of this especially if it feels like the usual ways you are experience life each day. You become used to hearing these comments even if you don’t like it. On a very subtle level your subconscious mind records and stores these messages and you act out the results. You start telling yourself you’re too fat, too stupid, no good with money, no good in relationships, too ugly, too old, not good enough, and so on. And these self-inflicted words not only become your reality, but they may also get passed on to others in your family. Other self-inflicted curses arrive after you do something you regret. Some call this Karma, which can involve generational curses, but because this is a just universe, whether we perceive it this way or not; what goes around really does come around – in more ways than one.

If you have been wondering what can be considered a curse here is a small list of some symptoms of a curse.

• Sudden unexplainable loss of wealth or prosperity that has nothing to do with economic conditions

• Feeling that you’ll never amount to anything or can never do anything to “measure up”

• Sudden illness or health breakdown that doesn’t seem normal or natural

• The death of a loved one or several family members that doesn’t make any sense

• Feeling powerless over your circumstances or thinking there’s nothing you can do because you’re only one person

• The end of a perfect relationship via jealousy, lust, and/or greed from outsiders

Self-identity through Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that reveals how forgiveness and transmutation of these problems can be resolved through clearing negative energies stored in the subconscious. Ho’oponopono understands that it’s the data files in us, and the programs we caught like a virus over our lifetimes that is disrupting and holding on to our flow of positive energy. We are not the problem, but it’s the data in us that is causing all the problems. This healing process requires responsibility for our actions. We must delete the programs. This responsibility does not imply guilt, but responsibility is important in the way we are able to clear away the transgressions held upon us; whether they be self-imposed or transferred to us by others. In doing so we clear the energies from our ancestors, relatives and family members. Our lives improve on many levels as we are restored to balance. Unless balance is brought about in all area where there are blocks, family curses, or generational curses; we cannot be released from them. I have found Ho’oponopono most helpful and incorporate it as a form of healing work in breaking curses.

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