Discipline Makes a Man Perfect

Nancy B. Alston

Discipline means training or way of life aimed at self control and conformity to any given guidance. Obedience is what required from the person who intends to be disciplined. It is assumed that the one who disciplines another has already attained the top position or perfection in all respects.

In other words, a person is taught how to behave with others, how to cope up with the surroundings and situations, from his/her childhood. The first persons who teach discipline are Mothers and the Fathers. From them everyone learns how to eat, walk, sleep, speak, and how to behave with others. With this initial stage of discipline we learn how to behave in school. In school we are taught discipline of a higher degree, in order to learn self control, respect teachers, do our daily chorus at school and at home. We are taught discipline to study and play. Without this discipline, it would become difficult for the students and teachers to cope up with each other.  

At every level of a man he or she is taught discipline. Apart from home and school, discipline has to be followed in work places, offices, shops and in all public places. The Military of every nation has a highest degree of discipline. Without discipline no military could win a war. To put in a nutshell, without discipline, success in all walks of life is not possible. A person without discipline will behave like an animal.

Discipline helps us to be organized. Put the things in their proper place, arrange events at the right time and acquire the required strength by means of politeness and friendship. An organized person can handle anything of his interest. Discipline helps us to acquire respect from others. Disciplined people become trustworthy, noble and honored. 

At the time of Marriage proposals for anyone, his/her disciplined way of life is always looked into before accepting the same. For a disciplined man or woman love and respect from others is imminent thus their matrimony becomes easy. A happy home always would have a disciplined husband and a disciplined wife.  If the children too are disciplined in such a way, no doubt the family becomes a beacon of discipline to others.

The learner of discipline is called a disciple. The religious disciples are the example for us to see that they reached to their highest degree of honor and respect due to their undergoing of disciplined life style.  The Prophets, Rishis, Sadhus and Sufis (Indian Origin, meaning holy-men) had their own band of disciples learning discipline throughout their lives.

Even the animals are disciplined for the benefit of mankind. They are called domesticated animals.  Hence, we could find the difference of a disciplined or domesticated animal and an animal without discipline in the Jungle.  Ants going their way in a single line and the flock of birds flying in their perfect speed, position and direction show us the discipline they observe.

Finally, there is one interesting fact about the word D I S C I P L I N E :  

Arithmetically speaking, according to the alphabetical placement position of the letters, that is A=1, B=2, C=3, the total of DISCIPLINE comes to 100 – a sign of perfection.

Hence, it is true that the DISCIPLINE makes a man perfect.

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