Desktop Management System

Nancy B. Alston

Manufacturers who sell desktop management systems are promoting what is known as desktop management suites (DTMS). They offer a full line of programs and utilities to handle networks. Some users don’t like DTMS because there are too generalized. But those who support DTMS think that the suites are easy to use offering full integration, consistent performance and single source support. They also boast that suites save money on hardware and software costs.

The Xserve G5 is especially designed for the Mac OS X. It hosts a Workgroup Manager that offers a suite of tools for directory-based management of computers and groups in any organization. The Xserve G5 has easy to use desktop management capabilities that allow you to create standardized desktop configurations and set system preferences. It also allows you to set up password policies and automount home directories and group folders. You have total control over hardware, software and network resources.

PC users need not worry. The PC-Duo Enterprise offers a suite of desktop management tools that come in six modules. You can purchase these modules individually or as a package. You can purchase what you need to make your system and your company run smoothly. Tools include the PC-Duo Inventory Management, PC-Duo Software Distribution, PC-Duo Software metering, PC-Dup HelpDesk, PC-Duo Remote Control and PC-Duo Software Diagnosis. They are simple to install and manage.

Whatever the system or suite, desktop management systems are designed to be installed and managed easily, whether you are looking to manage inventory, check out the newest software, or bring remote control access to your Technology Department.

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