Debt Recovery and the Trap Set by the Establishment

Nancy B. Alston

The majority of people are in debt to some extent and the main culprit seems to be overextending oneself along with the inability to repay. There is a feeling among the many debtors that they can and should have everything on offer irrespective of them being out of reach financially. Large sums of money that come their way are quickly absorbed and dwindled away on things they can easily do without.

It’s a hard lesson to learn but one that should be taught in Primary School. Debt is self-inflicted misery that can result in social withdrawal, depression, and even suicide. This is the trap designed to cause these emotional problems and it is one that was set up by the establishment.

Money is man’s invention and it was implemented by the Romans for the purpose of wealth creation. Their chief source of revenue were the poor people of their conquests. Whilst this is beyond many to understand debtors should consider their circumstances.

What is the cause of the debt? It is primarily the result of overreaching and believing that one can have all that the rich acquire. It is a status scenario and it leads to poverty.

The ones most likely to be in the trap are those who can least afford it. They are generally weak-willed, vulnerable, and proud. That description fits the social climbers, those who struggle to keep up with their neighbours, and the down-trodden who seek acceptance. It also applies to those whose circumstances change suddenly and finances disappear.

In the latter case women and children become victims following marriage break-up or an unexpected pregnancy, homelessness, and so on. As they are more likely to have been dependent on a partner or parents they are often unable to find help when required.

This is why debt driven hardship and recovery should be taught in schools. Children educated into the pit-falls of reckless behaviour may escape the agony that follows.

The establishment is also religion driven and complications arising from beliefs that are systemic within a community may greatly impact on one’s emotional problems. Many will try to live up to something they cannot achieve with catastrophic results.

While faith is about so-called morality and providing a pathway to a better after-life it is, in fact, driving many to suffer a living hell. My reincarnation and knowledge that we pass from life to life (Job 5:19-21) proves how far out of reality is the establishment and the World Order both of which control the economy.

Debt is about borrowing money when circumstances force us into it. It is the trap designed to make slaves of the less fortunate while the wealthy gather in the harvest from their work. If people did not desire a better life or are happier being who and what they are the pain experienced by debtors would be avoided. They would also release them from the trap.

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