Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

Nancy B. Alston

Call to Action is a great book written by Bryan and Jeffery Einsberg. This book mostly focuses on post click marketing and it greatly helps us improvise and increase our ROI from our digging efforts. Have you wondered how some of the most famous site owners are getting astounding improvements in their results being published online?

Call to Action includes the information you need to know to achieve dramatic results from your online efforts. This book will prove very useful to those people who own a website or the people who design or re-design a website.It also puts light on improving businesses by providing information about them through online efforts. If you want to achieve top performance followed by accurately evaluating that performance then call to action is made for you.

It also talks about being improving conversion rates. The thing which helps it stand out from the rest is that it gives a total rare and practical approach on how to improvise conversion rates which will than automatically lead to better results and thus improved sales and profit.

Conversion rate is a term used to describe the rate at which the incoming traffic to the website is converted into sales.

I think the premise of this book is very much the reality, most of the website owners are realizing this thing now. I was impressed by the following quote in the book:

“Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic to a web site with poor customer conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket (your sales funnel, your web site) full by adding more water instead of plugging the holes. Instead, you need to work on keeping more of your visitors from leaking out of your process on the way to the close of the sale.”

This clearly shows that we find ease in thinking that more traffic will solve our problems but the case is opposite. We don’t just need high traffic, adding more life and content worth remembering will take your website to the top and that will solve problems.

Researching and understanding the needs of the clients is an important part of the process. Planning, structure, communication and value are the main categories that make up the persuasive tech design. Planning gives a brief idea of what is to be picked and what is to be left, followed by structure which is the outline of the process. Communication holds up the links strongly and value tells the quality which are the important and consisted parts of the following process.

Call of action is an informative book that explains the processes needed for the betterment of online results. It is a must read for all the website owners who wish to take their website on the top.

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