Beware Of Political Titles!: 4 Examples

Nancy B. Alston

It seems, to many, we are witnessing a period, where Americans, seem, unwilling to consider, what others feel and believe, and this partisan atmosphere, seems to be greater than, at any time, in recent memory! Instead of proceeding, with an open – mind, many appear, to take, the easy – way – out, and, resort to a form, of, name – calling, using simplistic labels, rather than seeking, any, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! In addition, not only, is attempting to pin – hole, and, over – simplify, ineffective, but, it often, is inaccurate. as well. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, and review, 4 of these titles/ labels, and how they, rarely, help.

1. Conservative: Many times, we hear, individuals, proclaim, they are conservative, and this is best, for this nation. However, they seem to apply this concept, irregularly/ inconsistently, using convenient aspects, when it is beneficial. For example, by political definition, a conservative emphasizes, responsibly, handling economic and budgetary issues/ matters. Doesn’t that seem, at – odds, with many of these people, appearing to ignore this, when their party’s candidate, is, President, but, amazingly, budget – conscious, when the so – called, opposition party, becomes, in – power? We, also, witness, many of these, individuals, claim to be, strict observers, of the Constitution, but, again, it seems, selective, when they use, an expanded (convenient) interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, but, their, often – personally – biased, interpretation, and selective enforcement of the First!

2. Liberal/ Progressive: Liberals, and/ or, progressives, often, emphasize, human rights, including, civil, women’s, etc! They believe, quality health care, should be a guaranteed right, and, not, merely, available, and/ or, a privilege! Traditionally, this approach, emphasizes, spending, on human – related, issues, rather than seeming to favor the wealthiest! Tax reform is considered, to need, to prioritize, the middle, and working – class, and poorest, rather than the wealthiest of us!

3. Moderate: Traditionally, we elected Presidents, whose, personal – politics, was, between 5% to the so – called, left, or the same amount, to the right! They, generally, seek and emphasize, a meeting – of – the – minds, and finding, common ground, for the greater good! Unfortunately, in today’s political environment, there are fewer, and fewer, of these individuals!

4. Socialist: How come, some refer to anything, which emphasizes, government – run, or assisted, programs (or, those, which they perceive as, not benefiting them), as socialist? The hypocrisy of referring to a necessary, financial stimulus, to individuals, as socialism, but, transforming the tax system, and/ or, providing government funds, to the wealthiest corporations, as acceptable!

Instead of using, somewhat – meaningless, labels, often, for political purposes, wouldn’t it make sense, to look, at the best path, forward! Wake up, America, and demand, better!

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