Become a Better Dancer With Discipline

Discipline is a huge part of every dancer’s success. One dictionary definition states that discipline is orderly, prescribed conduct, or an orderly pattern of behavior. It’s what’s known as self-control. Most things we do demand that we utilize self-control in our active, diligent participation. Work, school, even recreational pursuits move ahead when discipline comes into play. Every professional dancer in the world has adopted this tool.

Definitions are all very well and good, but what does it mean to be disciplined? It means showing up regularly. We’ve all heard the old adage that practice makes perfect. It wouldn’t be an old adage unless there was some truth to it. Consistently working at a thing means improvement and growth will occur. Your dancing will improve if you approach it in a disciplined way. Discipline is what drives us to stay consistent.

Discipline requires developing an unwavering level of dedication. It doesn’t allow for excuses (aside from obvious things like vomit or fire), or wimping out. In a way, discipline is the opposite of insanity: by doing the same things over and over, you CAN expect different results.

Discipline is closely linked to intent. Intention lays the roadmap; discipline is what drives the bus. Setting intentions creates a concrete plan of action. Discipline drives us to stick with the original intention and succeed. 

Discipline is power. Dance and discipline go hand in hand; it is one of the primary differences between success and failure. Make it yours, and you will get wherever you wish to go. 

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