Keys To Building Profits in FX Trading

Most people in their bid to make it quick in FX, engage in trading suicide. They get carried away by the wind of profits and before they know; their trading account will come crashing like a pack of badly arranged cards. So they develop heart problem, or even contemplate suicide, […]

Letting Go Means Opening Up to Yourself

Letting go of a relationship that’s ended is not about the person you’ve lost, it’s about you. While your partner moves to a different part of town or on to a new relationship, you may still be rereading old letters, listening to messages you can’t bring yourself to erase and […]

Examples of a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment would mean a person or group feeling harassed, abused or discriminated by their colleagues or superiors at work. They feel stressed and cannot perform to the best of their ability in such unfriendly surroundings. Employees could be harassed by a third party related to the organization like […]

Why Your Business Needs Recruitment Software?

Nancy B. Alston

In today’s competitive environment, it is hard for a business to find the best candidate that fits their requirement. It is hard for the candidate also to find the kind of job he aspires for. Both the candidates and the companies are settling for less than what they want and […]

History And Background Of Betta Fish

Nancy B. Alston

Historically speaking, Betta Fish are said to have gotten their name from an ancient clan of Asian warriors called the “Bettah.” They were given these warriors’ names because about 150 years ago people enjoyed participating in a popular sport that involved the fighting of two of these warrior fish. (In […]