Are Legal Radar Detectors Ethical?

Nancy B. Alston

Radar detectors have often been a controversial subject. While few states have made them illegal, many people feel that they should not be used on the road. Though it has been heavily debated, the question still remains: are legal radar detectors ethical?

Many people feel that, even though it is not necessarily illegal, using a radar detector is unethical. The idea behind this opinion is that these devices are used to circumvent the law. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would need to use a radar detector for any reason other than to determine the positioning of police radar guns to avoid detection when speeding. Because this legal piece of equipment is most often used to break the law, it is a widespread opinion that they are a violation of ethics.

The contrary argument is that if this device were unethical, it would be illegal. Some believe that if officials thought that these gadgets should not be used, they would work harder to make them illegal. If there is no law prohibiting them, it often makes it hard to refrain from their use.

Though many people find this device to be unethical, allowing people a free pass to exceed the speed limit and cause danger on the road, some people feel that their device helps them to keep their speeds in check. For those with a lead foot, it is often easy to lose focus and put more pressure on the gas pedal than intended, especially on a long road trip. Hearing the beeping warning of an upcoming radar gun can often remind motorists to keep their speeds down and help them to refrain from driving at a dangerous pace.

Many people disagree when it comes to asking the question “Are legal radar detectors ethical?” There are certainly benefits to using this device, though they may not be in the best interests of the drivers on the road. When it comes down to it, the ethical decision is really up to the consumer.

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