A Balanced Scorecard With Action-Oriented Metrics

Nancy B. Alston

When developing the balanced scorecard there is a need to take in different viewpoints that are essential for the business. These include the financial, internal processes, customers and the learning and development perspectives. These are what make the BSC effective as it does not only focus on one aspect but the four significant ones that put together the productivity of the company. The balanced scorecard should also have metrics but not just ordinary ones. They should be considered as action-oriented metrics

One of the reasons as to why there is a need for this specific type of metrics is because this allows the business particularly the owner to know where exactly his organization is going. There is an adage that refers to how important it is to be able for one to measure the significant aspects in the business so that he will be able to reach the goals. This is true since there is always a need for a good plan, which should be executed properly. Now, the plans and the strategies are not the only ones that are needed. It is essential that this plan is directed towards actions that are attainable and possible. Otherwise, the achievement of the objectives will not be realized.

Companies know the importance of performance management. This entails the performance of the organization as a whole which involves the efforts of the employees and how they are able to implement the different operations and processes. Performance management is significant due to the fact that there is a demand for employers to know where their business is going particularly in the performance area. It is necessary for a manager to determine the approach that should be utilized by each of the departments in the company.

Regarding the action-oriented metrics in the balanced scorecard, they increase the chances of the organization to be successful in terms of the strategies and the functions. There are specific departments within the company in which the entire organization relies on them so that they can meet the essential objectives of the business. Therefore, it is vital that the managers only select the useful key performance indicators or KPIs which will be utilized by the company. This will maximize the connection between the organization and the profits. This is because there are perceptible and measurable metrics that have been assigned in every important section in the company.

The metrics should be efficient and effective. One of the ways to make sure that they are functional is to observe the processes aligned with them. If they are working, this means that the metrics are working as well. Another method is by looking at the overall success of the business. The metrics need to support the operational and strategic demands of the company. This can be done by means of overcoming the crucial challenges that arise in the business.

Now that the balanced scorecard and the metrics have been defined, you can now examine whether they are appropriate for the company processes. You can always make changes if you think it is necessary.

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