6 Tips For A Successful Cocker Spaniel Obedience Training

Nancy B. Alston

So did you just bring home a new Cocker Spaniel pup? Well, you did make a great choice. This breed is not only known for its beauty which is evident by its glorious fur, but it is also popular for its gentle temperament. But as with any new dog, she will need to learn some manners. So for your dog’s obedience training, here are some pointers to keep:

Always Start Early
While they are still puppies, the attitude and habits are still just developing. And that makes early training very effective. And although it is still possible to teach obedience to older dogs, the possibilities are limited. So if at all possible, start your Cocker Spaniel Obedience Training at an early age.

Do Not Spoil Your Dog
Cocker Spaniels are undoubtedly one of the most adorable breeds especially that they have such a lovely coat. Because of this, it becomes very tempting for owners to spoil them. But you need to control yourself. For a successful Cocker Spaniel Obedience training, you will need to be firm when disciplining your dog. She might give a sad face, but it will be for her own good.

Hurting Your Dog Is Counter-Productive
Now that discipline has been mentioned, physical punishment should never be a part of it. Hurting your dog may encourage violence on their part and you do not want this. Also, she may not understand why she is being hurt. There are better methods, and they work better. So why bother with the hurting?

Treats Do Not Always Have To Be Food
Admit it. Giving food treats is an all time favorite. Your dog loves it, and it makes things easier for you. But once you realize your dog will not obey you unless you are holding food, now there is a problem. For a more well-rounded Cocker Spaniel Obedience training, you can also use petting, playing, or giving lots of attention as reward. It can be anything that your dog loves.

Use Leash Training
This accessory may look like a harsh item for discipline, but only if used 24/7. A well-trained dog would have no problem with a leash every now and then. Also, it can serve as a great disciplining tool. It teaches your dog the importance of yielding as she backs down when you pull. Thus said, a leash is a must for Dog’s Obedience training.

Cooperation Of All Family Members Is Important
Especially when your dog is supposed to be under disciplinary action, it will not be good if some family members do not understand this fact. Like for example, when you temporarily outcast your dog because of misbehavior, the discipline will not get through her if one family member still continues to show her affection.

Well, that is not so difficult is it not? But it should only be easy if put your heart into it. Together with effort and dedication, you should be on your way to teaching your Cocker Spaniel to be obedient.

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