6 Things Most People Want, Which Politicians Don’t Do!

Doesn’t it seem odd, so many public/ elected officials, and/ or, politicians, although, often, seeming to articulate messages, which they hope to be, populist (gain them public support, in order to get reelected)? How many times, have we witnessed, the level of partisan – political behavior, which, so – often, creates nearly nothing, needed/ necessary, and desired/ wanted by so many citizens, become a greater priority, than addressing these needs, and necessities, in order to truly, serve and represent their constituents? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 things, which most people, seem/ appear, to want, which those, in elected office, pay little true attention, to.

1. Gun safety – Smart, common sense, much – needed controls/ limitations: When, surveys and polls, consistently, indicate, that, even the majority of gun owners, believe, there is a need, for some, common sense, gun controls (especially, related to safety, etc), and, representative, still, won’t take action, even, after, the horrible events, we’ve all witnessed, there is something, wrong, with our political system, etc! We limit one’s ability to drive a car, requiring safety, and performance, tests, implement speed limits, and requiring auto insurance (in nearly – all states), but, don’t do so, regarding many types of guns, in many parts of this nation! Since, there is free – access, between states, how does it make sense, to have no (or, very few) federal laws/ limitations? When, some, use the 2nd Amendment, as justification, for doing, nothing, which might restrict gun ownership, etc, it fails to consider, guns used, then, took, nearly – two minutes, to reload their rifles! When, the justification, is permitting hunting, it doesn’t explain, why/ how, anyone needs an assault weapon? Common sense, background – checks, and limiting certain types of assault weapons, as well as performance/ qualification tests, would enhance safety, and be a smarter approach!

2. Infrastructure improvements: We often see surveys/ polls, indicating, most people, from both parties, including, state – level, officials, favor infrastructure upgrades! Yet, with an ever – aging, infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, roads, road – design, etc, it is still treated as a partisan – political decision, rather than a necessary one!

3. Clean air and water: After, several years ago, the water crisis, in Flint, Michigan, as well as other places, we are witnessing, not – only, little real progress, but, in many ways, worse policies, and emphasis! Shouldn’t out responsibility to future generations, to leave them, a planet, with clean air and water, etc, be emphasized, and demanded?

4. Quality health care: The costs of getting medical treatment, and prescription drugs, is, by – far, the highest, in the world! Many believe, when, we experience, a health crisis, such as this horrific pandemic, it clearly, indicates, much of our population, receives, at – best, second – rate, treatment, access, etc!

5. Sustainability: In nearly, every, sustainable area, we witness, a lack of focus, emphasis, and responsible, service and representation!

6. Better jobs and overall economy, especially for middle, and working – class: The 2017 tax reform legislation, which was widely promoted, stating it, would benefit, the middle – class, in reality, predominantly, benefited and served, the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations. Shouldn’t our emphasis be, on helping, those, who are most – in – need?

These are just, six, of the things, most people want and need, which their elected officials, continue, to do, little about! Wake up, America, and demand better, and more!

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