5 Ways, Today’s Politics, Threaten America’s Future, And Ideology

Nancy B. Alston

We are going through times, which seem, unlike any others, in recent memory! Instead of any coherent, real attempt, at bringing us, together, for the greater good, it seems, we are observing, the politics of division, and polarization! Unless/ until, our nation’s priorities, emphasize creating about, a meeting – of – the – minds, instead of the overwhelming degree of partisan politics, we will all, be losers, in the long – run! President Trump’s emphasis, on, America – first, and Make America Great Again, while opposing the ethnic diversity, which has distinguished our history, and existence, combined with his anti – women’s rights, rhetoric, steps to minimize consumer protections, environmental protections, etc, are dangerous, both, at present, and in terms of creating a sustainable future! Abandoning traditional allies, and, aligning with certain autocrats, and dictators, is certainly, a focus, unforeseen by our Founding Fathers. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 ways, how this behavior, and atmosphere, threatens our future, as well as core ideology.

1. Climate change: While the rest of the world, appears to recognize and appreciate, the reality, and threats, arising from Climate Change, and the need to pay keen attention, and take timely actions, our nation, under President Trump, has denied its existence (even though, the vast majority of scientists, feel strongly about this)! We have always felt, and acted, as a nation, as if, every generation, is a caretaker, protecting the future generations, not only has Trump, minimized his efforts, but, appears to be, at best, ignoring this clear, and prevailing danger!

2. Environment: In terms of future ramifications, as well as the health, and well – being, of our citizens, and the overall world, it is inherent, and necessary, for us, to take better care of our environment! In the late 1970’s, President Carter recognized this, and created a strategic oil reserve, auto gas mileage standards, and emphasized, the need to consider, alternative, and renewable energy, and energy sources. Instead. this administration, has used the Environmental Protection Administration, in its apparent war, against doing so, and reduced many protections, aimed at ensuring cleaner air and water, etc.

3. Liberty, justice, and freedom, for all: We are unique, because of our emphasis and focus on the principles of liberty, justice, and freedom, for all! Indeed, instead of this mindset, we’ve witnessing, pitting one segment of society, against others! Even the so – called, tax reform legislation, passed in 2017, was supposed to help the citizens, especially the middle class, but, in reality, has significantly favored the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations, to a much larger degree!

4. Human/ women’s rights: Whether, it’s the message, this President, articulates, regarding issues, such as women’s, and human rights, etc, or, his level of vitriol, etc, about his enemies, and adversaries, this isn’t normal, nor helpful to a quality discourse, etc, the nation needs, and deserves!

5. Prejudices; biases: What happens to our, Bill of Rights, if the prejudices, and biases, we are witnessing, become the norm?

Wake up, America, and demand, a return to sanity, and adherence to the American principles, and priorities, which make us, great! Act now, before it’s too late, for a quality future, etc!

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