5 Reasons Many Feel The American Political System Is Failing!

Nancy B. Alston

For many years (in recent memory), the United States of America, which prides – itself, supposedly, on the Constitutional guarantees, and promises, of several rights and privileges, including, enjoying a free, and fair, voting system, has experienced, one of the lowest, voter turnouts! It seems, many feel, their vote, doesn’t count, and/ or, make any different, and/ or, all the individuals, running for public office, are, the same! This shouldn’t be surprising, since, twice, in the 21st Century, an individual, with fewer, popular votes, was elected, because of the peculiarities, of the Electoral College, etc! In, the most – recent, Presidential election, we continue, seeing, a former – President, claim, he won the election, despite, apparently, losing the popular vote, by over 7 million votes, and the Electoral one, by a significant amount/ margin! Therefore, it should surprise, no one, many feel, our American political system, is failing! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, for this view, etc.

1. Nothing seems to get done: When, Congress cannot, even, pass legislation, creating a bipartisan panel, to review, the events, of January 6th, we must wonder, if anything, can be accomplished! We, witness, petty – politics, and adherence, to some personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, when, the priority should be, serving and representing, the best interests of constituents! Instead of common sense, consistency, and a well – considered, strategic and action plan, we witness, procrastination, hypocrisy, and a refusal to do, what is needed, in a timely manner!

2. Lack of well – considered, strategic planning, etc: When was the last time, you remember, anyone, articulate a truly, well – considered, strategic plan, which is realistic, thorough, and takes into consideration, both, immediate and future needs? Wouldn’t it, make sense, to put, into – place, plans, which, were, both, relevant, and sustainable? Pressing – issues, and true priorities, based on addressing and overcoming, obstacles and needs, don’t disappear, because of denials, but, rather, need, timely, well – considered, planning, with an open – mind!

3. Little attempt at meeting – of – the – minds: Isn’t it, a shame, the concept of any, bipartisan, meeting – of – the – minds, appears to be, an oxymoron? The level of polarization, incidents/ number of hate crimes, etc, appears, to be, dangerous, to the well – being, of our nation, the world, and society, etc!

4. More false statements, than reality/ truth: When, lies, and misstatements, seem, to out – number, reality/ truth, it achieves, very – little, of consequence! Unfortunately, a significant minority, of this nation’s citizens, believe, some of the many, conspiracy theories, etc!

5. Unhealthy influence of dollars, in American politics: It, often, appears, that one of the first things, done, after one is elected, is, to begin, fund – raising, for the next campaign! Political Action Committees (known as PAC), wield too – much, power and influence. Some examples, include, the power of the gun lobby, and pharmaceutical industries, etc, in terms of influence, and avoiding, pressing issues! How many more, must die, before, we treat guns, the same way, we treat other items, in terms of licensing, regulation, and safety? Does anyone, need an assault weapon, and, should other guns, go, without restrictions/ regulations?

Wake up, America, and make this political system, work better/ more properly, rather than, keeping the same – old, same – old, flawed ways! Will you demand better?

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