10 Characteristics of a Self-Disciplined Achiever

Nancy B. Alston

Behind every great achiever is another great achiever who has served as Mentor. In order to achieve the same results the “disciple” must get to know the achiever’s thinking, his attitudes and actions well enough to duplicate them. Role models provide the inspiration, style, example, and strategy for successful accomplishment. Based upon studies of hundreds of successful achievers, here are 10 proven characteristics of a self-disciplined achiever.

1. A STRONG SENSE OF PURPOSE – You must know exactly where you want to go, where you are going, and the strong commitment to take the necessary steps toward that destination. You will let nothing slow you, stop you, or change your direction.

2. SEEKS OUT POSITIVE MENTORS – Inspirational role models provide examples of hard work and consistent effort (paying the price) to achieve the desired objective. They can also provide assistance and encouragement during the process for the disciple. Call on them for advice and inspiration. Once you have achieved some success, become a role model for someone else. You will probably learn as much as they do in the process.

3. A SENSORY RICH VISION (IMAGINATION) – You don’t see things as they are and asking ‘why’, but you visualizing things as they can be and ask ‘why not’. You visualize the outcome, and what will the accomplishment of the goal will look like. You may find it easier to visualize your goals if you cut the pictures out of magazines and post them on a poster board in front of your desk. Seeing them daily will encourage and help motivate you.

4. POSITIVE SENSORY ORIENTATION – Failure is NOT an option, and NOT a recognizable experience. Your past “failures” only become an excuse not to try again. You need to focus on a positive assurance that sees everything being done as movement toward the goal. If you can see it, it will be true for your mind, and you will accomplish it. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between visualization and reality. That’s why your dreams at night seem so real.

5. BELIEF IN GOD & SELF – You need to have a confidence in God, yourself, and your inborn (God-given) “can do” belief that seeks to find ways any given task can be accomplished. If you believe you can do it, it will be only a matter of time before it is done. If you feel you can’t do it on your own, ask for help.
Friends, family, colleges, and prayer have always worked for me.

6. ABILITY TO PLAN & ORGANIZE – Have your priorities established. See your goals not as just to earn money, but what you want to do with that money. Take a methodical approach by breaking it down into a step-by-step process, with a detailed game plan. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! Check you progress regularly to ensure you are on track.

7. ABILITY TO ACQUIRE LEARNING & NECESSARY SKILLS – You must have a commitment to become educated (equipped) with the necessary knowledge and applications as it relates to the accomplishment of the goal. Your education and experience will never stop. Continue to get more knowledge daily. Take 30-60 minutes everyday out of your schedule for self improvement.

8. KNOWS THE VIRTUE OF PATIENCE – Don’t be intimidated by time. Realizes that time is immaterial, not an enemy, but an ally, a friend. Getting to your goals is more than half the fun of it! Enjoy the process of success and setbacks. Learn from each of them. Take time to enjoy your small achievements. This will go a long way to sustaining you over the long run and assist you in achieving your goals.

9. PERSISTENCE – Perseverance! Do not give up in the face of persecution or setbacks. You need to develop a stick-to-it-iveness in spite of rejection or negative opinions. Be relentless in pursuit of the goal. Have a dogged determination in spite of all odds.

10. SENSE OF PLEASURE / PLAY IN RELATION TO WORK – Be genuinely excited by your goals. Be interested in learning. Have a main source of pleasure on the journey to the goals, with appropriate rewards for reaching certain milepost along the way. It’s got to have the element of fun to give it significance and lasting meaning. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You will wear yourself out too quickly. Remember this is a change for a lifetime.

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